Number of hotels in Amsterdam continues to grow

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The number of hotels in the Netherlands increased in more than four years by 12.7 percent. Almost all tourist regions grow, except South Limburg.
According to research from to data from research Dr3Data. In 2008 the Netherlands had still 4086 hotels, in May 2013 that there are 4,604.

The growth in the number of hotels was 4.7 percent in 2009, but slowly decreases. In 2013, the count even at -0.1 percent. However, the current year is not over yet, so this year can still recover hotels.

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Relative to the number of inhabitants Vlieland has the most hotels. Converted to 10,000 inhabitants, the municipality (1093 inhabitants in March 2013) 128 hotels. Since 2009 there has been no more gone from or been added.

In absolute numbers, Amsterdam is the frontrunner. The capital has 629 hotels, about 13.7 percent of all hotels in the Netherlands. Valkenburg follow the Trench with 118 hotels.

South Limburg

In the tourist region of South Limburg is the number of hotels in more than four years decreased by eleven. In Valkenburg in the period 2009 to May 2013 started 29 hotels and 37 stopped. Only Apeldoorn harder deteriorated with nine hotels less.

Maastricht is the positive exception in South Limburg with six additional hotels.

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The decline can be explained according to director VVV Zuid-Limburg Anya Niewierra lack of succession in family hotels. "We are the oldest tourist destination in the Netherlands, so we have a lot of family hotels. Today it is no longer obvious that a new generation takes over the company. "

For municipalities Valkenburg and Eijsden-Margraten also plays a role rezoning. "Then it is often hotels from 1900-1920. Valkenburg instance, they are converted into apartments, because there was more need for it. "

By: Warn