Maps of Amsterdam to make your visit easier

Plain maps of Amsterdam with all sights, public transport, tourist attractions and more.

Amsterdam City Map - Google

Amsterdam Tourist Information Map - Organized map with tourist information, museums, Amsterdam visitor centers, tourist agencies, tourist exchange, tourist board's and a direct link to Google Earth.

Amsterdam Hotel Map - Useful map to find your hotel in Amsterdam and surroundings. The region has more than 450 hotels, 25,000 hotel rooms and more than 50.000 beds. Every year there are more tourists visiting Amsterdam, there are opened many new hotels in the center of the city.

Amsterdam Journey Planner Map - Plan your trip with the journey map planner by 9292, with all kinds of transport types.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Map - Maps of Arrivals, Departure, Schiphol Plaza Shopping and information about parking, transport to Amsterdam and much more.

Amsterdam Tourist Attractions Map - To find the most popular Amsterdam tourist attractions.

Amsterdam Museum Map - Locate all popular museums in Amsterdam, with over 60 museums the city has the highest museum density in the world!

Amsterdam Red Light District Map - Beautiful presentation of the Red Light District with Google Maps. Links to Amsterdam's tourist attractions, photos and tourist information. The Red Light District is one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam and a major tourist attraction, the heart of Amsterdam's famous sex industry, adult entertainment, sex shops and peep shows.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise Map

Amsterdam Metro Map 

Amsterdam Google Map with Street View