A day-trip to Gooi and Vecht, an area with castles and a rich past

Muiderslot, Muiden

While pretty much unknown to foreigners, Het Gooi is easily the most well-known region of the Netherlands among the Dutch population.

'Het Gooi" is a Dutch region in the southeast of the province of North Holland. The name, also written as' t Gooi (the article is firmly part of the name), but in literary manner or for a change sometimes supplemented to Gooiland, goes back to the word Throw, an ancient form of side-shire. An old name for Gooiland is Naerdincklant (Naarden Country, Land of Naarden), named after the only ancient city in the region, which was during a period when capital functioned and the seat of the bailiff. At the time of P.C. Hooft was the Muiderslot seat.

Gooi and Vecht is an area with a rich past and a rich present. This wealth owes primarily to the proximity to successful cities and their inhabitants who sought space to undertake and or relax. The area is attractive for settlement. Close to amenities, but without the crowds. In the study, the comparison is made with Central Park in New York as the four cities (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort and Almere) as one big city with distinct districts would be seen (like New York with its special districts), it is the region Gooi and Vecht a local road wetland park (just like Central Park in Manhattan).

Loenen aan de Vecht, Amsterdam Tourist Information
Loenen aan de Vecht

Gooi and Vecht
- A day to Gooi and Vecht should be a day to remember! Forget about the parking because you come naturally by train or if your group is quite large with a special coach. Holland Tour Guides will take you to the heart of Het Gooi to experience a fun, exciting and cozy experience. Our offer is so varied that there is always something for you to sit. The Goois an outing with us a veritable feast! Tell us your special requirements, we will make your trip a unique experience!

The region Gooi and Vecht includes the following villages;

Loenen aan de Vecht
's Graveland

The Vechtstreek Museum 
- The museum is located in the coach house of buitenplaats Goudestein Maarssen and is located in a beautiful park to walk the romantic river Vecht. The museum was founded in 1995 and emerged from the municipal Oudheidkamer. The museum informs about the cultural history of the Vecht. Attention is also given to a number of country, including Goudestein itself and its former inhabitants. The permanent collection of the museum consists of prints, engravings, tiles, archaeological finds, old (user) objects and much more.

De Haar Castle 
- This wonderful castle is the biggest and most luxurious castle in the Netherlands and a visit is a journey of discovery to a marvellous world of the Middle Ages. 
There are only a few castles in Europe that have the same ideal image of a medieval fortress with towers and ramparts, with canals, gates and drawbridges. De Haar castle is one of the top European historic houses. 
Exploring the gardens and towers takes you back to the glory days of the castle, De Haar was entirely restored and partially rebuilt in the late 19th century and it rises like a fairytale castle from a park with impressive trees, surrounded by beautiful gardens and charming old villages with canals and farmlands.

The fortress of Naarden
- Naarden is one of the best preserved fortified cities in Europe and especially famous for its unique star shape. The fortress has six bastions, double walls and double canals. It is good to walk on the ramparts. A cruise around the work is also possible. The vast, beautifully restored fortress, most parts of the 17th century are, for the most part freely accessible.

Guided tours through the fortress of Naarden in classic boats

Gunterstein estate
- The famous owner of this castle was once Johan van Oldebarnevelt. The wooded park belonging to this castle is largely open for hikers. The estate possesses a total of 34 ha. There are no marked routes, but it’s wonderful to just walk around there. Start: There is no parking available at the estate. Autos can park at the market in Breukelen. From there, it’s a 10-minute walk to the starting point for the hike. Gunterstein can be found by going through Breukelen over the Vecht. There is just one bridge, so that’s not to be missed. Visitors must make use of the second entrance on the Gunterstein drive.

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