Amsterdam and the Amstel River

Amsterdam, also called mokum

Amsterdam is the capital and, by inhabitant, the largest municipality of the Netherlands. The city, named in the Netherlands, called Mokum (from Yiddish), is located in the province of North Holland, on the IJ and the mouth of the Amstel. Amsterdam has about 850.000 inhabitants. The municipality counts the most different nationalities in the world.

Amstel River
Amstel River

Amsterdam and the Amstel river

The Amstel (Aeme-Stelle, Ancient Dutch word for "watery area") is a channeled river in southern Holland, partly on the border of North Holland with South Holland and Utrecht. The area along the river is called Amstelland. 

Amsterdam thanks its name to the location of a dam in the Amstel built in the 13th century. The city became short after 1300 city rights and grew into the Golden Age into one of the most important port and trade cities in the world. An influx of foreigners from the southern Netherlands, Germany and the Scandinavian countries, from the late 16th century, led to city extensions, including the last canals of the fortification now known as a canal belt and added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010.

The Amstel originally started at the confluence of the Drecht and the Kromme Mijdrecht, something southwest of Uithoorn. By channeling and constructing the Amstel-Drecht Canal, the section between Uithoorn and Ouderkerk on the Amstel became part of this channel.

This channel begins at the meeting of the Drecht and the Aarkanaal, north-west of Nieuwveen, and runs through Uithoorn to Ouderkerk where the Bulle district opens. From there until Amsterdam, the water is still officially called Amstel. The part of the Aarkanaal to the Bulle district is 18.5 km long, from there to the mouth the water measures 12.5 km.

In addition to the Kromme Mijdrecht and the Bulle district, the river de Waver flows into the Amstel, at the westernmost point of the polder de Ronde Hoep.

Amsterdam has a lot to offer, not just for foreign tourists. Often a day in Amsterdam's capital is far too short. So many museums, shops, parks and events, feel free to do anything about it. When weather is nice, you can rent a boat or take a cruise on the canals of Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam

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