Many tourist attractions in Amsterdam

The Royal Palace on Dam Square is an official residence of the King and Queen of the Netherlands. However, they do not live here. The palace is mainly used for official receptions, banquets and exhibitions.

The palace was built in the 17th century by architect Johan van Campen and first served as city hall of Amsterdam. Only in 1808 it became a royal residence.

Today the palace is open to the public. You can independently or as part of a tour to take a look at the splendor of the Golden Age. Check the website well in advance of the palace to ensure that it is open on the day of your choice.

Opening Hours:  Tuesday / Sunday from 11: 00-17: 00


Amsterdam Tourist Information

Are you soon plan to spend a day, a weekend or a week to go to Amsterdam, then it's good that you know some attractions where you can entertain yourself well. There is in Amsterdam to do so a lot of the high time that you can watch some highlights. Many families choose to go along with the kids or a few days in Amsterdam. Especially for children, it is very nice to visit the Electrical Museumtramlijn. You get this House themselves the chance to take a ride in an old electric tram. In summer these electric tram runs along an old railroad located in the Amsterdam Forest.

Many attractions in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there are many squares that you can visit. You may proceed to the Dam or you pay a visit to the Leidseplein. Many people come really only to Amsterdam to visit certain squares or museums. The Anne Frank Museum is visited every year by people from the Netherlands, but also by many tourists from abroad. Amsterdam is known as a busy, stylish but cozy town that attracts many people to have a nice pull out together.

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Amsterdam Canal Cruise

The beauty of Amsterdam is best seen from the water. You have no problem with traffic and you can quietly watch the beautiful facades along the canals. The 'regular' tour boats all sail a route which - alongside the canal walls - see the canal with seven bridges, wooden Skinny Bridge over the Amstel, the VOC ship 'Amsterdam' that is moored at the Maritime Museum. 

For people who already know a bit of Amsterdam is an evening trip fun, wait till it is dark, as the canals and bridges are beautifully illuminated. 

History of Amsterdam

About eight hundred years ago, the city was founded as a small settlement at the mouth of the river Amstel in the IJ. The center was then the current environment of the Dam where a dam was built in the Amstel. By driving trade the city grew and were dug parallel to the Damrak moats and ramparts raised for new buildings. In 1300 Amsterdam acquired city rights and had about 1,000 inhabitants. Amsterdam would grow in the coming centuries a major trading center. The seventeenth century also called golden century brought unprecedented growth for Amsterdam. Influential merchants target the VOC (Dutch East India Company). VOC ships sailed to include to India and returned with spices, tobacco and other luxury goods. These were sold for huge profits. At that time the Amsterdam stock exchange and the Bank were established. Amsterdam is the most important trading town, and also the financial center of the then Europe. The Golden Age also brought with it art. Amsterdam's famous artists of the time: Rembrandt (painter), PCHooft and Joost van den Vondel (writers). These are undoubtedly been the most influential centuries that have shaped Amsterdam to what it is now. Amsterdam is bustling and has many sights and attractions. An easy way to go through familiar places is to take tram line 20. This will take you to include the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank house and the Artis Zoo.

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