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Amsterdam historic city

Amsterdam is unique with lots of historic buildings from the seventeenth century, combined with the feel and spirit of a metropolis, the cultural center of the Netherlands, the largest shops in the country, world-famous museums, but also active attractions and events for young and old. Plus, you can go out in the way that suits you: a quiet brown café to pounding nightclubs.
Amsterdam is intimate, historic, innovative, vibrant, festive, open-minded, artistic and challenging, all at once.

Amsterdam museums

Amsterdam with more than fifty museums and some hundred and fifty gallerys. But did you know there are given in an old monastery middle of the red light district classical concerts? Or that a former gasworks now is a cultural center?

There are year round cultural events of the Canal to Picnic at the Olympic, classical and modern dance to dance events, the Uitmarkt to UrbanArt Festival and fillmfestivals to fashion weeks. In the historical center of Amsterdam you can wander for hours and marvel at ancient mansions, warehouses, palaces and other buildings from a bygone era. Located on stately canals, but also locks and narrow alleys. In some of those old buildings seems to have stood still or time, others are the home of hypermodern activities while maintaining the historical background.

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