More than 1100 hotels in Amsterdam, the best value deals

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InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam Hotel
InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam Hotel
Amsterdam has everything of a major world capital, the best art museums, lots of tourist attractions, great sightseeings and many things to do. 

Amsterdam’s fantastic architecture is best seen from a sightseeing tourist boat on the canals. But Amsterdam is also a great city to explore by bike or foot. 

Sign up for a group tour or excursion or feel like a local and discover Amsterdam on your own. 

Explore the Amsterdam city centre

More than 1100 hotels in Amsterdam, the best value deals
More than 1100 hotels in Amsterdam, the best value deals
The old city centre was where Amsterdam began, starting out as a little fishing village at the mouth of the River Amstel and then, when the river was dammed in 1270, flourishing as a trading centre and receiving its municipal charter from a new feudal overlord, the Count of Holland, in about 1300. Thereafter, the city developed in stages, each of which was marked by the digging of new canals and, after a particularly severe fire in 1452, by the abandonment of timber for stone and brick as the main building materials. Today, it’s the handsome stone and brick buildings of subsequent centuries, especially the seventeenth, which provide the Old Centre with most of its architectural highlights.

Sign up for a tour or excursion to discover a side of Amsterdam you might never see on your own. For example, a canal cruise is an absolute must for every first-time visitor. Or travel outside the city and experience the typically Dutch landscape of windmills, dikes and manicured green pastures. Stroll through quaint fishing villages, take a boat tour along the scenic waterways or cycle along the dunes.

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