What is the best way to explore Amsterdam? Options, Information, Travel guide

Amsterdam Canal District
Amsterdam Canal District

How to explore Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a perfect place for sightseeing, lots of attractions are located at walking distance of each other. But there are several ways to explore the city, which also depends on the weather and the time you have to spend.
Here are some options with information, tickets, addresses and tips about the best way to explore the city.

Hop on-Hop off Amsterdam
Hop on-Hop off Amsterdam Tour
Hop on-Hop off Amsterdam Tour
Explore the sights of Amsterdam in these distinctive red buses and boats. Marvel at the stunning view of the dynamic Dutch capital. Amsterdam is an energetic city where a lot is going on and we are happy to lead you through it, so you do not miss anything! We drive and sail along many attractions, museums, historic monuments and of course the canals belt. We invite you to experience all these typical Amsterdam's sights and sounds in a comfortable setting, without any stress. After all, you enjoy going out for a day!
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Canal tour
Amsterdam  Canal Tour
Amsterdam  Canal Tour
The city of Amsterdam is best seen from the water, it's one of the most relaxing ways to see all highlights. The Amsterdam Canal Cruise is Holland's most popular touristic attraction with more than 3 million visitors every year with about 200 boats. The Amsterdam Canal Cruise is a really fun activity and can not be missed during your trip in Amsterdam.
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Special canal tours

Ferryboat Amsterdam
Free Ferryboat  Amsterdam
Free Ferryboat  Amsterdam
Amsterdam has a number of free local ferry services on the IJ river which connect the city to Amsterdam Noord (North). These are run by the municipal transport company GVB.

A number of ferries operate from just outside central station and can get you to EyeFilm and NDSM wharf.
A great experience and completely free!

Rent a bike
Rent a bike, it is a great joy to explore the city by bike. Bike rental allows you a lot of flexibility, ride for a couple hours or rent for a whole week, you can explore the city at your own pace. There are many bicycle paths but not everywhere, especially not in the old city centre. Take care of the busy traffic!

Here are some bicycle rental shops:


Because their are so many bicycles in Amsterdam, the city has one of the highest bicycle theft rates in the world. 

Bicycles in Amsterdam  

You can also explore on foot the Canal District, the distances are small and on a beautiful sunny day it's a nice walk. The pedestrian areas are generally well maintained. A tip for a long walk; Always check the weather forecast or take an umbrella with you!  
Amsterdam weather forecast

Public transport
Going for a day out in Amsterdam or staying for a few days in this beautiful city? Then a day ticket or multi-day ticket is the best choice.  

Options: one to seven days
The card is there for 1 to 7 days. For children 4 to 11 years there is the very economical Children's Day card. 
The GVB day or multi-day tickets allows you to travel at the hours of your own convenience without any limitation throughout Amsterdam, day and night, on the bus, tram, and metro. The day card is valid for 24 hours after you first check in.

Note: these tickets are only valid in GVB metros, trams, and buses. 

The child day ticket is only available as a paper chip ticket. The 1 to 7 day tickets are available as paper chip tickets, but can also be purchased as a travel product on the anonymous or personal OV-chipkaart.
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