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With all kinds of tourist information for a visit to the amazing capital of the Netherlands. One of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, Amsterdam receives nearly 10 million tourists every year. Amsterdam is famous for the Van Gogh Museum, Heineken, the beautiful Vondelpark, Red Light District and you can not leave the city without the experience to take a canal cruise and enjoy the beautiful center of Amsterdam with canals, bridges and houseboats.



The Vondelpark covers a small 47 hectare (470 000 m2) and has include 16 hectares of grass and verges, 0.2 ha of rose bushes, 8 hectares of water, 10 hectares of playgrounds, roads and 11 hectares of planting stock . The Vondelpark is 2 km long, from the Amstelveenseweg to the Stadhouderskade. A small circle on the asphalt (Amstelveenseweg to the Koninginneweg, along the water playground and back) is also 2 km. The greatest round, the Pavilion and along the way to the Amstelveenseweg, is more than 3 km long. The Vondelpark has many different faces. In the vicinity of the Pavilion, the park is small and romantic intent. This site maintains an intimate atmosphere. Toward the Amstelveenseweg the park is wider in scope and gets more farmland views.
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HeinekenThe Heineken Experience

Heineken is the largest Dutch beer producer, the multinational in the beer and beverage industry is active in more than 178 countries. With a total beer volume of 200 million hectoliters Heineken ranks among the largest breweries in the world. Besides beer Heineken is the largest cider producer in the world. Production takes place in more than 140 breweries in 71 countries. In addition, Heineken operates through exports and licensing partners. More than half of the sales take place in Europe. Heineken has over 80.000 employees. Heineken owns over 250 brands such as Amstel, Sol, Strongbow, Murphy's and Desperados.
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Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

This museum of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is located on one of the most beautiful squares of Amsterdam, Museumplein. The museum collection includes more than two hundred paintings, five hundred drawings and seven hundred letters from Vincent van Gogh, as well as his collection of Japanese prints, and the library includes more than 20,000 works.
Van Gogh Museum

Red Light DistrictRed Light District

Besides the window prostitutes can be found various sex theaters with live acts and striptease shows with Amsterdam's most famous and certainly largest night club Casa Rosso. But also peepshows, a sex museum and cannabis museum and also many coffee shops where soft drugs are sold legally. But there is much more to see in the Red Light District, the very picturesque Zeedijk ending on the amazing Nieuwmarkt Square, the Jewish quarter, Waterloo Square lie just around the corner. Being one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam, it has a lot to offer for tourists, beautiful architecture, like the gothic Old Church. Vibrant Chinatown with chinees restaurants, shops and a beautiful temple, a fresh produce market on Nieuwmarkt Square every Sunday.
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Canal Cruise in the Canal District.

The city of Amsterdam is best seen from the water, it's one of the most relaxing ways to see all highlights in the historic centre and the Canal District. The Amsterdam Canal Cruise is Holland's most popular touristic attraction with more than 3 million visitors every year with about 200 boats. Ordinary tours depart regularly and there is no necessary to reserve. The Amsterdam Canal Cruise is very interesting, a really fun activity and can not be missed during your trip in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Canal cruise

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