In 2013, Dutch hotels received 22 million overnight visitors, good for 37 million nights. A large number of the nights were spent in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA), where the tourism sector developed faster than at the national level. In 2013, Amsterdam drew attention to itself with, for example, the investiture of Willem-Alexander and the reopening of important museums. The number of hotels and jobs in the tourism sector is also increasing. Over 15 million nights in hotels in MRA In 2013, hotels in the MRA received 8.5 million arrivals, an increase of 6% compared with 2012. The number of nights spent in hotels increased by 7% to reach 15.1 million. On a national level the increase in the number of hotel arrivals and nights was 2% lower. Two out of five hotel arrivals in the Netherlands were in the MRA. Almost three quarters of nights in the MRA were spent in Amsterdam. Over 11 million nights in hotels in Amsterdam In 2013, Amsterdam had over 6 million arrivals in hotels that in total booked over 11 million nights. Amsterdam hotels have never experienced so many bookings. Compared with 2012 the increase amounts to 5% and 7% respectively. The growth is mainly due to Dutch (+19%) and German arrivals (+18%). The number of Spanish arrivals decreased by 15%.

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