Amsterdam and Holland have a positive image

Amsterdam Tourist Information

Foreign tourists have quite a positive image of our country. They see Dutch predominantly as a tolerant, open, friendly and welcoming.
This is evident from the Tuesday announced quadrennial image survey of Dutch Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC).

NBTC has about 11,000 people surveyed in the 13 main countries of origin of foreign tourists. Netherlands which incidentally will not only open and tolerant, but also easily accessible and ideal for short breaks.

Tulips, windmills and cheese are still the first associations 'Holland' evokes in them. The landscape, Amsterdam and The Netherlands cycling country "as they call most positive features of our country.


Drugs and prostitution are downsides contrast, the Dutch language in addition remains difficult. Also less positive is the idea of ​​tourists about the culinary offerings and the value in the hospitality industry.

Relatively few foreigners Dutch incidentally called arrogant (18 percent). Of those who felt that it was the most Belgian.


Despite the largely positive view of foreigners NBTC saw that is less attractive in some countries, the Netherlands than four years ago.

That would come by increasing competition in the international battle for the tourist's favor. NBTC therefore works together with Koninklijke Horeca Netherlands a campaign that the culinary image of the Netherlands which boosts.


NBTC has conducted research in Germany, Britain, Belgium and the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. Japan and the emerging markets of Brazil, China and Russia in 2012 for the first time added.