25% of all hotels in Amsterdam violates rules

Amsterdam Tourist Information

A quarter of the 53 hotels in Amsterdam around the throne change were examined by the inspectorate of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) has committed violations.
There were employed illegal workers in the hotels. There was also one case of underpayment and the working time law was not enforced. This service Friday announced.

At 14 hotels have been detected one or more violations. In 31 cases still performed additional research, making the offense rate is still expected to continue on will run, know as the inspection shows.

According to the inspection, the hotel industry is a sector with a high risk of violations.

Because it was expected that the legal rules would be maintained in the capital by the bustle of April 30, the inspection in cooperation with the Tax kept a check.

By: NU.nl/Heleen Haverkort