What is the best transportation from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam Tourist Information

When you arrive at Schiphol Airport there are several options for transportation to hotels in the center of Amsterdam:

  • Connexxion Schiphol Hotel Shuttle - the most direct, convenient, and affordable transportation from Schiphol Airport to hotels in Amsterdam that do not provide a free courtesy bus.

  • Public Buses - a good connection and usually on time, but they can be confusing, as routes are identified in Dutch and transfers may be necessary. All buses stop at Schiphol Plaza (right in front of the Arrival and Departure Halls). 

  • Trains - a cheap, fast and reliable connection but if no free luggage trolley is available, you may have to shlep your bags around Schiphol Airport to get to the platform. The Schiphol NS Dutch Railways station is located directly under the airport. You can buy train tickets at the NS counter or use one of the yellow and blue ticket machines at Schiphol Plaza.
  • Taxi - fast, if you're willing to spend around 60 Euros.

How to Take the Connexxion Schiphol Hotel Shuttle
These small, comfortable, air-conditioned, eight-passenger vans carry travelers between Schiphol Airport and any of more than 100 hotels in Amsterdam. They run every ten minutes between 6 am and 9 pm and wait outside arrivals Hall 2, between platforms A7 to A13.
To board a Connexxion Hotel Shuttle, first buy a ticket at the Connexxion desk or a Tourist Information Office inside Schiphol Airport (credit cards accepted).

Notify the Connexxion bus driver which hotel you want to go to, allow him to place your luggage in the back of the van, board the vehicle, and relax.