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The Amsterdam Canal Cruise  is the most popular way to explore Amsterdam, every year more than 3 million tourists having a canal tour through the 17th century Amsterdam canal district with 165 canals and more than 1250 bridges.
Choose your canal cruise carefully because they are not all the same, there are several types of cruises, most standard cruises take between 1 and 3 hours and the prices do not vary much because there is a lot of competition. Tourboats are available in various types, for example sightseeing boats with an open space at the back, which is quite lovely on a sunny day. Here are some canal cruise options;

Candlelight Cruise Amsterdam

Enjoy a two hours tour by night, a romantic candlelight cruise on the canals with a cheeseplatter and selected wines. The best guarantee for a romantic night with a view on all city highlights.

Amsterdam Culinair Dinner Cruise

A luxurious dining at a high class culinary level during a two hour cruise through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam and to the most atmospheric and illuminated places of the city.

100 Highlights Cruise
The Amsterdam 100 Highlights Cruise passes all of Amsterdam’s famous attractions. Canal houses from the Golden Age, the Westerkerk, the Anne Frank House: the 100 Highlights Cruise takes you past all of them. Sightseeing in Amsterdam couldn’t be a more relaxing experience. Canal cruises are the ultimate way of getting to know the city. Taking the 100 Highlights Cruise you won’t miss one bit of the beautiful city of Amsterdam and you’ll find out just why the canals of Amsterdam have been given World Heritage status by UNESCO.

Water Colors Cruise
Enjoy this Amsterdam Canal Cruise during the Amsterdam Light Festival.
This cruise of 75 minutes shows the illuminated canal houses, monuments, bridges and all light works of art and will give you the romantic and unique atmosphere of Amsterdam from the water.

The Canal Cocktail Cruise on a boat trip in Amsterdam
There are so many cruises in Amsterdam that will glide you along the river and all of them give you perfect views of the 17th century canal district and iconic Amsterdam houses but if you like to do something different on your visit to Amsterdam we can advise you the Amsterdam Cocktail Cruise,  which is a great experience with a lot of fun.

Amsterdam Canal CruiseThe Amsterdam Cocktail Cruise has all the ingredients for a wonderful time in the canal district of Amsterdam. This Amsterdam Cocktail Cruise through Amsterdam take 2 hours and includes the price of 2 cocktails of your choice and departs every day at 21h00 from the Holland International Canal Company pier on the Prins Hendrikkade 33a near the Central Station. They make all your favourite cocktails and have home made food.

You'll travel the canals and discover the Amsterdam nightlife and a whole new side to the old centre that you wouldn't see on a cruise during the day and still sipping a delicious cocktail, enjoy the ride!

Amsterdam Canal CruiseMore Amsterdam Canal Cruises:
The city of Amsterdam is best seen from the water, it's one of the most relaxing ways to see all highlights. The Amsterdam Canal Cruise is Holland's most popular touristic attraction with more than 200 boats. 

Luxurious Canal Cruises 

Pub Cruise 

100 Highlights Cruise

Pancake Cruise

The Amsterdam Canal Cruise is a really fun activity and can not be missed during your trip in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise Operators:

Reederij P. Kooij

Holland International


Blue Boat Company

Rederij Plas

Canal Company

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