New Amsterdam Tower in Amsterdam opens to the public

It took four years, but Saturday is so far: the new A'DAM Tower in Amsterdam opens to the public. This gives the capital a tourist attraction. From the roof of the immense building on the IJ, visitors can watch the city, the ports and the polders at almost 100 meters.

Lookout tower

The so-called LOOKOUT is the only lookout tower in Amsterdam where you can look 360 degrees, says initiator Sander Groet. "From here you can see the Dom in Utrecht."

400,000 Visitors a year

Two swings will soon be on the roof, which you can swing over the edge. Greetings bring about 400,000 visitors a year. He won a pitch together with his former ID & T companion Duncan Stutterheim in 2012 to give the former Shell Building behind the Central Station in North a new destination. The building will have a 24-hour function, including two clubs, a hotel, three restaurants (one of which revolves), a luxury loft for example, starters can sleep and workplaces for about four hundred people. The around thirty companies in A'DAM all have links with the music industry, such as ID & T, Massive Music and Gibson.

DJ Martin Garrix

Also there is the A'DAM Music School, where talented children who do not have a wide range of home music can get music lessons. Some well-known artists have acted as ambassador, including DJ Martin Garrix, Caro Emerald and Jamai.