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The Dutch capital of Amsterdam is a popular destination, every year more tourists come to visit this beautiful city. Amsterdam, also known as the Venice of the North, has become a colorful collection of backpackers, students, tourists and the original inhabitants of Amsterdam who live in characteristic neighborhoods like the Jordaan, the Pipe and Amsterdam-South over the years. You can also entertain yourself effortlessly by strolling through the city or passing daily life on a terrace. And then there are still activities that you can take if you want to be active, museums to visit, restaurants to enjoy delicious Dutch snacks or clubs to dance away for the evening, the possibilities are endless. 

De Munt - Amsterdam
De Munt - Amsterdam

The Albert Cuypmarkt

On the largest day market in the Netherlands, with more than 260 market stalls, you will not soon be bored. A visit to the Albert Cuypmarkt in the middle of the pipe is a unique experience. The typical Amsterdam merchants, with their own kind of humor, are genuine lovers and their merchandise makes shopping on the 'Cuyp' attractive for bargain hunters, cook lovers and tourists. The luminous traditional market buyer is side by side with international colleagues from, for example, Suriname, Morocco and Turkey, making the offer international and diverse. Stroopwafels are sold next to roti and where you buy cassava, garlic strap and madame Jeannet peppers on the one hand, the Dutch cauliflowers, strawberries and chicory are on the other hand. The market in the Albert Cuypstraat is already held since 1904, when this part of the city was completed. The neighborhood De Pijp was once intended for the working class. The wide street, which offers space for many market stalls, once was a canal and was named after the landscape painter Albert Cuyp (1620-1691).

Amsterdam Canal Tour
Amsterdam Canal Tour

The Amsterdam Canal Tour

With 165 canals, 1700 bridges and 2,500 houseboats, Amsterdam is overcrowded on all fronts. More than enough reasons, therefore, make one round trip through the Amsterdam canal belt. Enjoy a relaxing cruise through the world-famous Amsterdam canals and watch the beautiful city from the water. During this cruise you will pass through the atmospheric city with the famous sights that our historic city has to offer, such as the Zevenbogenbruggengracht, the Amstel Bridge over the Amstel, the VOC ship and the port. Stunningly popular with tourists, but often forgotten by the Dutch visitor, and that's a pity, because from the water you can see a whole different Amsterdam. Even though you know Amsterdam, the sight of the city from the water is just as different, almost fairy-like. The stately mansions seem even more imposing and you get the chance to peer off at the houseboats once in a while. The skipper's steering skills, which maneuver through the narrow canals, and effortlessly dodge other boats, is already an attraction, and if the sun shines, it's definitely the best way to travel in the capital. The calm of the sailing gives you the opportunity to pay much attention to the beautiful details of the architecture and the beautiful places Amsterdam has to offer.


The Rijksmuseum is a huge museum about the history and art of the Netherlands. What the Mona Lisa is for the Louvre is the Night Guard for the Rijksmuseum. This masterpiece of Rembrandt is therefore a prominent place in the stately building at the Museumplein. The presentation of the Rijkmuseum is a journey through the Dutch (art) history of the Middle Ages to the 20th century. For the first time, visitors can now make a journey over time and experience a sense of beauty and a sense of time. The story of the Netherlands is presented in an international context in a chronological timetable, divided over four floors and 80 new halls. The emphasis on older works makes this a perfect place for a history lesson in the Netherlands.

Anne Frank House

From all over the world, people come to the property at the Prinsengracht 263, where Anne Frank was hiding in the Second World War for two years. Unique part of the museum is the Achterhuis, where Anne wrote her world-famous diary. The rooms are empty apart from documents and items from the eight subducers. The front house tells the story of Anne Frank using quotes from the diary, historical documents, photographs, movie images and original objects. In another space, the original journals and writings of Anne Frank can be seen.

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