Amsterdam very welcoming city

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New York is the city where travelers feel most welcome, but also our capital gets the stamp 'very friendly'.
The US site save Coupon Codes Pro has asked thousands of travelers which cities they most and find the least hospitable.
The Huffington Post is the surprising outcome: "The busy and chaotic New York comes as the winner and the most unfriendly cities prove correct stand on many a wish list.".
Remarkably Tokyo emerges as unfriendly city. Last month, the Japanese metropolis during an investigation of TripAdvisor precisely as the winner.

Amsterdam very welcoming city
Amsterdam very welcoming city

The most welcoming cities in the world

1 New York City - United States
2 Beijing - China
3 Toronto - Canada
4 Amsterdam - Netherlands
5 Sydney - Australia

The least hospitable cities in the world

1 Paris - France
2 London - United Kingdom
3 Barcelona - Spain
4 Rome - Italy
5 Tokyo - Japan

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