Amsterdam in top 10 most competitive cities

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Amsterdam is the fourth most competitive city in the world. According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers on behalf of Amsterdam Economic Board that Mayor Eberhard van der Laan Friday took delivery.

Cities in North America and Europe will continue to be the world's most competitive till 2025. But the major cities in emerging markets like Brazil, China and India boosted their global competitiveness.

Amsterdam scores well on technological infrastructure

The spot at the top is mainly due to good health care, low crime rate, high technology infrastructure, many highly educated, a good natural environment and proximity to the airport. In the report, 'Amsterdam - A City of Opportunity, the capital is compared to thirty cities. London, New York and Singapore go to Amsterdam in the rankings.
Amsterdam in top 10 most competitive cities
Amsterdam in top 10 most competitive cities

The Dutch "City of Opportunity" can still improve things. The possibilities for starting a business for example. Foreign entrepreneurs often experienced legal and administrative barriers. They find the high pressure and regulatory complex.
Amsterdam does well when it comes to employment in the financial sector and business services (3rd), but less so when it comes to attracting head offices (12th) and international capital (15th).

Amsterdam rises on the list

The forestay can improve in the area of intelligent mobility solutions. Researcher Egon PwC Haas says the city hangs literally. "There are no big plans for expansion of the public transport network. Also, travelers pay relatively high for the public. Access to the city could be improved by the extension of the North / South line to the airport."

Amsterdam scores well on technological infrastructure (2nd), attractiveness and accessibility (3rd) and intellectual capital and innovation (5th). These indicators determine whether a city can adapt quickly to change and so other cities can stay one step ahead.