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The Anne Frank House is a museum dedicated to the canal house where the Frank family hid from the nazis during world war 2. It has since been turned into a museum in the centre of Amsterdam. The Anne Frank House is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe, and there is often a long line. Visiting early in the morning is advised.
Anne Frank
Anne Frank
The Anne Frank House is where Anne Frank was hiding along with 7 other people from 3 different families for 2 years during World War II. The hiding place that Otto Frank was able to find for his family, the van Pels family, and Fritz Pfeffer, is where they were hiding until the Nazis revealed their location. Tragically, this happened very close to the end of the war and the entire family was deported to concentration camps from which all other than Otto, her father, did not survive.
It was only after the war that Anne's father came back to find her diary which she wrote during their stay. The daily, later to become a best seller novel tells the story of the little girl as she grows up during the war. Many of the writings are personal, some relates to the war and some discusses her feelings and the relationships that took place in the small room.
A visit to this house in which she was hiding is truly a remarkable experience.
The museum holds some personal items that belonged to Anne Frank and her family as well as her original bedroom with items such as the personal pictures that Anne Frank had, still hanging on the walls above her bed.
Note that the museum does have a few rules you should know about such as no large bags, no strollers and cell phones must be turned off.

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